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We work in a compassionate and loving environment where healing and personal growth is prioritised.

Our Ayahuasca retreats integrate doctors and indigenous healers from the Andes and Amazon of Peru.

Etnikas has been created by a Peruvian family with 40 years of studying and practicing ancient traditional healings. We rediscover an Inca healing technique with Ayahuasca “dancing with heaven and earth” that has been lost for centuries. Our retreats are authentic and traditional based on the principles of the Inca philosophy. The health ministry of Peru has recognised the authenticity and responsibility of our practice.

  • 40 years experience, over 450 reviews on trip advisor, 7000 satisfied guests, we are the only that has been recognized by the ministry of health of Peru.
  • We are pioneers in integrating modern and ancient medicine, Indigenous healers from the Andes and Amazon with doctors, psychologists and nurses.
  • We maintain the tradition and authenticity of ancient healing practices, working with highly experienced shipibo and qero healers, based on Inca cosmovision.
  • The best and safe Ayahuasca retreat around the world by Elux magazine.
  • We guide you to experience the highest frequency of LOVE through an Inca meditation “Munay”.
  • Being reciprocal by giving support to Peruvian community “volunteering”
  • Through our non-profit organisation HUMAN ACTIONS we bring support, for social, environmental and animal aspects.
  • Located in Sacred Valley of the Incas, San Salvador, Cusco Peru.
  • We are two hours drive to Machu Picchu

Interreligious and intercultural center.

We believe that our way of symbolizing, celebrating and honoring the Spirit embraces all people and transcends all cultural boundaries. As such we welcome people of all faiths and religions, scientists and doctors, atheists and agnostics, to our retreat at Etnikas. The name Etnikas come from the word Ethnic. This refers to the diversity of the ethnic groups in Peru whos knowledge and tradition we incorporate in our practice. The name Etnikas also highlights the diversity of our guests who come to our retreat from all walks of life from around the world. The essence of our practice works on a universal law which is equally significant and applicable to all ethnicity.

Human Actions non profit organisation

Etnikas created Human Actions in 2015 and it has quickly has become a key motivation for all the work that Etnikas team do. The positive results and enjoyment we gain by putting out energy into projects based on Ayni, or reciprocity, have had life changing results for the whole Etnikas team. We have now prioritised the work Human Actions is involved with to be the main purpose for what we do. We provide responsible and sustainable social assistance, and cultural education. We focus our actions on the less favoured and vulnerable people and communities in Peru, having Etnikas as a supporting organisation. Our projects are based on social and community regeneration, animal rescue and environmental conservation and regeneration.

Integrating science and spirituality

We believe science and spirituality are not opposites, but can be integrated. That the study and exploration of the infinite dimension of consciousness, and the mind – body states, can be part of a new spiritual and religious impetus, embracing science and technology, and becoming a unifying force. Our medical health team consisting of a Psychiatrist, Cardiologist, internal medicine, Psychologist and General Practitioner.

Ethnic & cultural protection

Etnikas was founded to provide a source of protection for peruvian healers and their ethnic communities. We consider them not just as a healers but as guardians of the mother earth or ‘Pachamama’. Ever since the colonisation of Peru traditional healers and their communities have suffered discrimination and exploitation. As a result of this exploitation, there has been a lack of incorporation of ethnic cultural into the Pruvian culture as it exists today. Today Etnikas is proud to be part of the movement to bring ancient Peruvian culture back to a position of pride within our culture, and to be able to utilize the ancient wisdom within this culture in a way that can contribute to the broader global community. The results that the healings are yielding are attracting attention and support from pragmatic people from around the world. We work in collaboration with over 30 healers from the Andes and the Amazon. Our masters are paid fairly (the same as a doctor earns in Peru) giving them and their trade the respect they deserve, as well as providing opportunity for their families and communities. When you choose Etnikas you are not only healing yourself but helping to heal a community and culture.

Reputable and safe ayahuasca healing retreats

We have been operating for 40 years and safety has always been our top priority. We have a vast amount with over 7200 satisfied guests coming to our center and Trip Advisor have granted us the ‘certificate of excellence’ for the last 6 years consecutively (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2018, 2019) with over 400 five star reviews.

We also have been recognised by the health ministry of Peru for our authenticity and responsible practice.

Our Shaman & Medical Staff

Meet our healers and medical staff that will be by your side during your ayahuasca experience.

Our Retreat Facilities

Within our facilities, you’ll find the basic necessities, including rooms with a capacity of three people as well as shared bathrooms.

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A mixture of video testimonials and informative resources.