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How do you integrate your experience with Ayahuasca?

The integration process begins even before the experience itself.
The two-week diet restrictions and mental preparation prior to your retreat will be a foundation not only for the Ayahuasca ceremony but for after your experience as well. Without an integration process, the revelations and lessons learnt in your Ayahuasca retreat may disappear in less time than expected, and you may even relapse into unhealthy habits.

Some examples of practices that can benefit your integration process are:

  • Have a daily spiritual practice (prayer, meditation, yoga, etc.).
  • Maintain mental health (positive attitude, emotional stability, resilience in the face of adversity).
  • Look after your physical body (implement a physical routine and a healthy diet)
  • Have a support network (family, partner and/or friends).
  • Work on what you are passionate about.
  • Direct finances to positive ends.
  • Give yourself time and space to do the things you like.
  • Volunteer or give selfless service to your neighborhood and society.

They have to become a daily practice and not just a preparation. Adopting a healthy and integral lifestyle will put the lessons you received from the Ayahuasca experience into your daily life and all functional areas of your life.

Free online Munay Meditation / Love Meditation via zoom every month.

As part of the Ayahuasca integration process, we will be offering free Munay Love meditations once a month. This will be via zoom, and we will record the meditation for those who want to do it on their own time, please join the WhatsApp group for the information. You will receive the Whatsapp group link in an email after your retreat.

About meditation: This powerful meditation is based on love and forgiveness. When we gain access to the force of unconditional love, we return to reality, transcending our limited physical form and assuming the size of the creation. We feel at peace: mentally, spiritually, and physically. The name of this meditation is MUNAY which, in the Inca language – quechua -, means UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. It can help you manifest your wisdom; cure and diminish the effects of illnesses; and transform you into a more loving person, benefiting those around you. Etnikas considers this technique a great gift from our ancestors, as well as from Wiracocha (God) and the Pachamama (Mother Earth).

Integration and post-retreat psychological follow-up

The process of integration is crucial for people who participated in our retreats. To integrate means to unite; to link all the information and experience obtained before, during and after taking Ayahuasca.

What is it and who participates in this program?

The follow-up and integration program is designed to re-enhance; provide support tools; and, adapt the information obtained in the retreat. Our psychologists will lead the sessions. The objective is to make visions and messages applicable in our day-to-day, recognizing that the perception and focus of each individual changes in many vital areas after having experienced a deep bond with oneself through Ayahuasca.

Anyone who has been in one of our retreats can take part.

The integration program

This program consists of 10 individual sessions. If interested in taking part, the patient must contact Etnikas by up to two weeks after their retreat. There will be a free initial evaluation of the patient. The following sessions will cost $35 each.

The days and times will be agreed according to the availability of the patient and of the professional.

How do you increase your wellbeing.

* Kindness: Increase your acts of kindness, volunteer work helping those living with extreme levels of suffering in your area.
* Social connection: Connecting with strangers and acquaintances, along with scheduling time for the people in your life.
* Signature strengths: Using your top character strengths in new ways.
* Savoring: Taking time to savor the things you enjoy.
* Gratitude: Expressing gratitude for the people and things in your life.
* Exercise: Increasing your physical activity to at least 30 minutes a few times a week.
* Sleep: Making sure you sleep at least 7 hours at night several times a week
* Meditation: 5-10 minutes if you are a beginner or increasing your time in mediation if you already practice regularly. Join the Munay/Love meditation group through WhatsApp.
* Hang out in Nature: enjoy nature bathing
* Eat well: Eating nutritious healthy food.
* Love: Look to let your relationships be guided by love and transparency. In sexual relations you can look to find a trance of holy spirit or dharma. This is one of the highest quality therapies for human beings.
* Return: Come back to the Etnikas when your conscience tells you to.

Spiritual Practice

The Ayahuasca experience is a life changing event for most of the people who journey with us at Etnikas. It opens people to the idea that there may be more to the experience of life than they had previously considered. However, in order to continue to develop the ideas the experience may have sparked, it is important to consider introducing a daily spiritual practice into one’s lifestyle.

A daily practice enables one to remember the important things, to be grateful for all that life has offered, and provides an experience of a philosophy that will create stability in life. We see the Ayahuasca as being an important spark in the ignition of the fire that should be maintained through daily spiritual practice.

Before we recommend some initiatives below a message from Etnikas founder.

– “Whatever the formula, the best one is the one that connects you with the truth and happiness, creating continuous development in you.”

-“The greatest teacher that must guide you is within you, that is what you must follow”

-“People seeking truth and happiness without trying to help others from suffering never achieve true happiness.”

-“The formula that you find or practice, should transform your suffering into happiness.”