Our 40 years of experience ensure a safe ayahuasca experience for all guests

Support and guidance

At Etnikas we have a unique team to ensure all our guests receive high quality preparation before the ceremony, and quality guidance during and after the ceremony. Our guests receive the support of an experienced healer shaman from both the Amazon (Shipibo/Onaya) and the Andes (Qero/Pampamisayoq). The Shipibo shaman specialize in plant medicine and the Qero shaman from the Andes work specialize in energy medicine. We also involve a medical team in the retreats. This includes a doctor, a psychologist, and a nurse, who are on hand throughout the retreat. Inca meditation teacher will be guiding mediations during the entire retreat.

This unique team has been specific design to enhance the quality of your healing journey.

Supervision and Attention

Our ceremonies are with small groups with up to 18 participants. run by two healer shaman, one doctor and one psychologist. We also have a security guard patrolling the retreats center always close to the maloka where ceremonies are held.

Preparing your body and mind

Prior to the retreat the Shipibo and Qero healers will explain how to position your intentions, the importance of honoring the plant, and how to hold a sacred space and protect your energy. The doctor and psychologist will explain the psychological and physical effects of Ayahuasca, guidance, and safety management.

A floral cleansing ceremony is performed by the Qero healer. This offers the opportunity for guests to let go of any heavy energy and is a therapy based on forgiveness.

A meditation teacher will share an ancient Inca meditation technique called Munay “unconditional love” and is based in the principles of Inca philosophy. This meditation  allow guest to have the right approach to the ceremony working with the source, “love”.


After 40 years of experience in guiding ayahuasca ceremonies, we are experts in determining the optimum dosage each person should have. In determining dosage, a shaman, psychologist and doctor work together in evaluating a person’s age, physique, size, sensitivity, medical history, and emotional / psychological state of mind. Our practice has been accredited by the Peruvian Ministry of Health, who have sent representatives to undertaken the same retreat as our guests.

We are conservative in our approach to dosage but aim for total immersion and a strong visionary experience. Guests are offered the opportunity to enhance their experience during the ceremony by taking more ayahuasca, under the guidance of the shaman, should they feel confident to do so at a critical point in the journey.

The reason that we do not do retreats for longer than eight days (Four ayahuasca ceremonies) is because we believe that to drink ayahuasca in excess takes away from the purpose to which the medicine has traditionally being used. The first ceremony is to invigorate spiritual awakening, the second, to help progress personal direction, and third/four to help engage spiritual healing. More than this can disorientate, cause confusion, or be excessively mental exhausting as the experience is intense and visionary. Many people find their first/second Ayahuasca ceremony sufficient to allow the awakening, direction, and healing to come and do not require further ceremonies. Other people require the three ceremonies to achieve their goals, as they have strong psychological blockages or issues. As with all things, “enough is as good as a feast”. Our main priority is that all our guests leave Etnikas satisfied with the results they have achieved.

If you are unsure as to the number of ayahuasca ceremonies you would like to participate in, we are able to help suggest a recommendation based on what you aim to achieve in combination with your personal evaluation.

During ceremony

During the ayahuasca ceremony, facilitator of the same sex will look after you at all times to ensure your comfort. They provide tissues, assistance to and from the toilet, blankets, water and any other requests you may have.

A doctor are present in the ayahuasca ceremony as well to assist guest with access to a full range of state of the art emergency medical equipment. At the close of the ceremony, they will conduct a physical check to ensure guests are calm and stable after returning from their journeys before going to bed. They also monitors guests throughout the night to ensure their comfort and well being.

The Shipibo (Onaya) healer will chant Icaros (Shipibo prayers) during the ceremony. Icaros are learned throughout the sharmanic initiation and training. This involves several years of plant diets, spending time in isolation connecting with plant spirits, eating specific food and learning medical properties of plants. The plants communicate with them through their dreams and teach them the songs.

The Icaros is chanted for several reasons. It creates an energy protection for ceremony, helps to open connection and invite the energy of the divine plant spirits.

Shaman may come to you to perform personal work. They may blow tobacco smoke on your head, apply plants perfume to your hands, or make a personalized chant to you. Please receive this with love as it is a healing work that is being performed

At the end of the ceremony, people are welcome to stay and talk with the shaman or amongst one another.

Logistics and protocols:

The ceremony is held in a Maloka. This is a round building where guests sit on the floor in a circle. Each guest is provided with a mattress, pillow, blanket and a bucket. Please bring the following items to the ceremony:

  • Warm / comfortable clothes.
  • Flash light as the ayahuasca ceremony is performed at night.
  • A bottle of water
  • Toilet paper / tissues
  • We provide blankets/sleeping bags to keep you warm if it was necessary.

Protocols for ceremony:

  • We start with one hour silence at 7pm to open ceremony
  • We prefer the ceremonies to be performed in silence to allow people to concentrate on the visions. We ask our guests not to talk, sing or clapping during ceremony.
  • Please do not touch anybody else during the ceremony, unless they ask you to.
  • Please remain in the maloka until facilitator and healer announce the close to the ceremony at around 1am – 2am.

Outside ceremony

The following morning, we discuss our ayahuasca journeys in more depth, individually and as a group. The shaman and psychologists are on hand to help interpret a guest’s experiences.

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