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Yoga for relaxation

yoga session

Yoga has long proved its benefits in the world. Yoga stemmed from the human desires of harmonization, health and spiritual understanding. For this reason, we incorporate yoga classes with our technique during our retreat.
The yoga technique we use involves exercise, breathing and meditation. This focus helps create a balance in the body, mind and spirit which is useful before and after the ceremonies. We aim to teach a way to allow silence and healing in your everyday life.

What are some benefits of yoga?

• Improved brain function
• Lower stress levels
• Increases flexibility
• Lower blood pressure
• Relief from back pain
• Increased lung capacity
• Anxiety relief
• Improved sexual functions
• Improved equilibrium
• Balanced blood sugar levels in those with diabetes

Note: Our yoga classes are for everyone from beginner to expert, do not fret if you lack experience!

Therapeutic Massage

therapeuthic massages

For our five and seven day retreats provide relaxing massages to help our clients relax. We use therapeutic massage which involves specific techniques to stretch and lengthen connective tissues, muscles and give an overall sense of relaxation. Therapeutic massage shortens recovery time from muscular strain, improves circulation, and stretches ligaments and tendons.
Stimulating the skin and nervous system, therapeutic massage is often used as a treatment for stress management. Ideally, the more relaxed and oxygenated your mind is, the better your ayahuasca session is likely to be.
*Any client requesting additional massage may do so, at a price per massage.

Health Benefits of Therapeutic Massages:

• Cleansing and detox
• Stimulation of blood flow (especially from the ends of the arms and legs)
• Circulation of body fluids
• Relaxation (mind, body and spirit)
• Increased positive energy

We are firm believers in the necessity for an equilibrium regarding the relationship between mind, body and spirit. During your stay at the retreat center and participation in our ayahuasca ceremonies, finding or maintaining this balance is key to furthering your human progression.

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