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Etnikas created Human Actions in 2015 and it has quickly has become a key motivation for all the work that Etnikas team do. The positive results and enjoyment we gain by putting out energy into projects based on Ayni, or reciprocity, have had life changing results for the whole Etnikas team. We have now prioritised the work Human Actions is involved with to be the main purpose for what we do.

Human Actions is a non-profit organisation whose mission is to communicate a way of life based on Munay or unconditional love. A love for nature, for oneself, and one’s neighbour.

We provide responsible and sustainable social assistance, holistic healing, and cultural education. We focus our actions on the less favoured and vulnerable people and communities in Peru, having Etnikas as a supporting organisation. Our projects are based on social and community regeneration, animal rescue and environmental conservation and regeneration.

-“Human Actions has been created out of a desire to foster healing; for individuals, families, and society at large. The first step to opening the healing doors of one’s mind, body and spirit is through the act of giving. Engaging in acts of kindness with love and sincerity is a path to a healthy mind. Engaging in healthy acts is the psychological basis for happiness. Modern day neuroscience has confirmed that engaging in kind acts improves ones hormonal, psychological, emotional, and physical well being.”    – Etnikas founder-

We have multiple projects ongoing all year round, we welcome you to look our instagram our facebook page or our website.

Ilusión Latina and  Casa Verde  orphanage – holistic healing project

Casa Verde Orphanage is a home for girls, boys and teenagers. The children come from families identified as having physical violence, alcoholism and or limited resources. Despite the adverse circumstances, these girls and boys have a desire to excel. The programme provides the children with a teacher for cooking classes and prepares them in a trade with which they can sustain themselves in future. The programmes run for 6 month period and are accopanied by counselling service and psycotherapy sessions aimed at trauma reduction,  preventing human trafficking, and sexual education. 

Ccatcca, Humachurco and Calca community – social and cultural regeneration project

In the Ccatcca, Humachurco and Calca communities there are wise elders who have preserved ancestral knowledge and who are still practicing it today. Unfortunately these individuals have not been integrated into the community and their cultural knowledge and understanding is at risk of being abandoned.  The Human Action team is helping these elders to communicate their knowledge to the next generation. We have put together extracurricular workshops in the community schools that target children and adolescents, giving them the opportunity to learn, and preserve, Inca cultural heritage and wisdom. The workshops are focused on textiles, medicinal plants, gastronomy, bio construction, bio chard and cultural identity. 

Dog Shelter – animal rescue

Human Actions has put together a dog shelter with the mission to protect and provide a better quality of life for dogs in the Cusco region that are in a state of physical and emotional neglect. We embrace both their permanent and temporary care, as well as using the shelter to generate social awareness with the goal of “humanizing” people and “harmonizing”  the way individuals interact with their physical and social environment. 

Madre Teresa de Calcutta orphanage

‘Madre Teresa Calcutta’ is a home for disabled children of all ages whose families do not have the economic capability to take proper care of them. The church congregations of the ‘Sisters Mother Teresa of Calcutta’ offer attention on an individual basis. Human Actions collaborate with the Sisters to develop daily activities, such as helping them to eat, cleaning their spaces, as well as offering donations such as diapers and cleaning products.

Native plants Nursery – environmental conservation and regeneration.

Human Actions started this nursery with the goal of helping to regenerate native forest in the Cusco region by donating and planting natives trees and plants. We have seen native forests dramatically decrease in size, and in some areas completely wiped out. This has a big impact on the entire ecosystem from the wildlife to water quality.
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