Inca Religion-principle objectives of the retreat

We are a clinic of integrative medicine, which aims to help people connect with their essence and manifest absolute happiness. The retreat is dedicated to the healing and wellbeing of your body, mind and spirit.

We would like to explain a few points as to the philosophy we follow and the best way to get great results from your stay with us. We will go over some of the key points for you to consider in your preparation as well as some of the principle objectives of the retreat. But first congratulations for getting here and having the courage to take this most majestic of journeys into your unconsciousness. It is important to remember that an extraordinary life requires one to make extraordinary efforts. Thanks for joining us and we wish you a very successful retreat.

Absolute versus Relative Happiness

The main object of life is absolute happiness. Absolute happiness means living itself IS happiness. That is to be alive and regardless of our circumstances, to be happy. It describes a condition of life that arises from the depths of our being.  This is called absolute because it is not influenced by external circumstances. Relative happiness is happiness resulting from good health, your partner, social status, economics fortune etc.Far to often in our daily lives we focus our attention on gaining relative happiness, forgetting the natural order of life. So relative happiness is a by-product of absolute happiness. You could look at it this way…

‘One’s successes and victories will not determine one’s happiness and welfare… Rather, one’s happiness and welfare will determine ones successes and victories.’

The core values that construct our absolute happiness (love, strength, wisdom, courage, mercy, to name a few) are the very same forces that sustain the universe and Mother Nature herself. It is the promotion and practice of these values that enable the human spirit to overcome suffering and transform life’s ‘poisons’ into ‘medicine’. The key point here is that much more power resides  within you than you know or give yourself credit for. You are  your very own best shaman, priest and doctor. Only you hold the real power to catalyze and manifest positive change in your life. You will receive all kinds of recommendations and suggestions in your life, however only you can decide the path to your absolute happiness.It can be said that good and evil do not exist, only truth and ignorance. Your growing sense of wisdom will be the art of discerning between truth and ignorance.

So how do you go about developing your absolute happiness?

There are many techniques, psychologies, therapies, meditations, yoga and shamanic practices that people can use to develop a sense of absolute happiness. However we at Etnikas believe the most powerful path is through sincere open hearted prayer to God through the practice of a holy religion. Prayer itself is a powerful way to develop ones sense of absolute happiness but the act of sharing the knowledge attained through Spiritual practice also plays an important role.

“He who lights his neighbors path lights his own way.”

The benefit of living a life of harmony with an underlying sense of happiness is becoming more and more recognized by mainstream science. The extensive benefits of the synchronization of mind, body and spirit are now encouraged and celebrated across a wide range of platforms. We are on a path to work in synergy with science bringing conventional medicine together with ancestral Inca healing techniques with a view to having science explain our techniques in the future. We believe science and religion are not opposites but can be integrated. That the study and exploration of the infinite dimensions of consciousness and mind–body states can be part of a new Spiritual and religious impetus, embracing science and technology and become a unifying force for mankind.


The sacred medicine Ayahuasca in Quechua means “rope of death”. This is a reference to the death of negativity as an opportunity for the rebirth of positivity. The plant has been used as part of Inca cultures throughout the Amazonian basin. Our practice here at Etnikas combines Shipibo cultural rituals, including the icaros chanting, with other ceremonies derived from the cultures of the high Andean mountains. We view the Ayahuasca ceremonies as an important step in preparing people for the ceremony to Pachamama or Mother Earth, which was the most important ceremony for the  Inca culture. It allows people to open their eyes to the  majestic Pachamama, to celebrate and be grateful to her with an open mind and heart. The purpose of the ceremony is to find an alignment between the individual, Wiracocha (God) and Pachamama. This alignment allows one to understand the importance of living in harmony with, as opposed to dominance over, nature.

The basis of the Inca Religion

We believe a religion should teach the art of living well. That it must be pragmatic and bring healing to our present lives, spiritually, mentally and physically.

Our religious basis is the combination of the Inca religion and Christianity brought to Peru by the Spaniards.We believe in a God or father Wiracocha, creator of heaven and earth through the process of evolution. And in a universal king or Jesus Christ, as the manifestation of God, to bring a new world order based on love and forgiveness.We believe in Mother Nature or Pachamama as a manifestation of God and his love in a feminine and material form, and also as represented by the Virgin Mary. A form that gives and sustains all life. We also incorporate many elements of Tibetan Buddhist religious practice and have preformed sacred Inca–Buddhist ceremonies with the Dalai Lama.

We consider our religious practice to be a unification of the best parts of religious practices from around the world. We believe that our way of symbolizing, celebrating and honoring the Spirit embraces all people and transcends all cultural boundaries. As such we welcome people of all faiths and religions, scientists and doctors, atheists and agnostic’s, to our retreat at Etnikas.Your Retreat will consist of several synergistic ceremonies:

1. The purification of the blood and body by drinking volcanic water.

2. The clearing of negative energies and the revitalization of positive energy.

3. The taking of sacred Ayahuasca medicine that is of the highest quality and effectiveness.

4. An offering to Mother Nature or Pachamama. This will occur in combination with a coca leaf ceremony that means union.

5. Prayers to the primary source of love. This experience can result in a form of ecstasy or trance and is one of the highest spiritual states. It is often called Holy Spirit or Dharma and may last for around seven days.

About this video

This video shows you how the mixed inca religion today operates. It is the combination of Catholic church of Jesus Christ, and the Inca religion of Wiracocha.

Note: This video shows a traditional religious pilgramage where thousands of people hike through the mountains once a year and is called Ccoyllur Rit’i.. This place was used in the Inca times to worship Wiracocha or Father God.

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